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There is no 'i' in team; but, there is in win. Michael Jordan

  • John Fodor, PhD


    John has worked in the field of educational technology for over 20 years. He is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Information Technology Impact and was an Editorial consultant to the Journal of Interactive Learning Research. He is a Founding Member of the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology (INSEIT), and the Executive Director of Educational Media Resources (ILT's not-for-profit company). As an academic, he was the Director of the Center for Technology and Pedagogy at Southern Connecticut State University where he instructed faculty on how to create new — or enhance existing — online courses. Prior to this position, he was the Senior Research Associate for the Center on Computing and Society, and Associate Professor of Philosophy. His teaching and research focused on the impact of computing technologies on human values. John earned a PhD in Philosophy from Washington University, and a post-doc EdM in Technology in Education from Harvard. His academic work has been underwritten by several grants from the National Science Foundation. He sat on grant review committees for both the National Science Foundation and US Department of Education. As a media producer and software developer he has received Emmy, AXIEM, Calop, Cheta, Communicator, and International CINDY Awards.

  • Nick Matelan, PhD


    Nick has worked in the technology field for over 20 years and is an expert in the design and integration of complex systems. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from SMU and started his career at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, where he was awarded a grant by the United States Department of Energy to develop one of the first expert systems. He went on to become the Manager of Advanced Product Development and Chief Systems Architect for Honeywell Communications Products in addition to senior engineering and research positions with United Technologies and General Dynamics where he managed various projects for the F-16 fighter and F-111 fighter/bomber programs. More recently, Nick managed the Sophie Rich Media Composition Project at USC for the Mellon Foundation. Nick has several patents and patent applications in computer architecture and allied technologies. He managed development or designed various cross-platform titles including: Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Art —Milia d’Or First Place Winner in Art and Culture; Qin, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, Mission Ooze Control, Junkland (a puzzle solving game) and Top of the Key, all for Time Warner; ,eLearn for Scholastic, Edison for Kaplan, Lumina (a Spanish Encyclopedia), Moving Puzzle (another Milia d’Or First Place Winner), Theatre Lexicon, Nautilus (a German adventure game), and Hyperfolio (an early Web data mining and composition tool) for Macmillan (USA).

  • Donna Levine


    Donna is Chief Operating Officer and oversees ILT's logistics and daily operations. She is responsible for executing programs and policies regarding the various products and services that ILT has created. In addition, she is involved with all sales and marketing campaigns for ILT. She started her professional career in banking and as Bank Manager was instrumental in designing and implementing programs that attracted clients and investors to the bank. She later became the Chief Operations Officer for a Miami-based law firm specializing in maritime law. Her passions include helping people find their path in life. She is a published author, motivational speaker and has lead numerous workshops throughout South Florida. Donna is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, with degrees in Business Administration, Social Work and Women's Studies.

  • Norm Amster

    VP Sales

    Norm started his adult life as a professional baseball player. He traded his on-field talents to work for a Philadelphia Ad Agency, ascending to the position of Vice President of Client Services. Norm left to become the Senior Executive Vice President of Nutri System, Inc. He ultimately resigned from Nutri System to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dream Week, Inc. All-Star Adventures. Over the years the company evolved into one of the country’s foremost names in adult fantasy camps producing interactive baseball, basketball and ice hockey programs in conjunction with professional sports teams including the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Mets, New York Rangers and many other professional sports teams. His company also produced one-of-a-kind special events for Fortune 500 Companies like American Express, MBNA America, Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Universal Studios and others.

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